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Taxidermy and You

on January 26, 2012

Dear Plenty of Fish Bachelor,

You know, maybe I’m weird, but I don’t think all that many people would be turned on by the 14 photos you have posted wherein you pose in a variety of costumes and locales with your taxidermy projects.

Don’t get me wrong; they were interesting in a tragic-accident kind of way. I was particularly intrigued by the ones where you arranged several dead wolves around a raging campfire while you pointed your rifle at them in a defensive stance. Very creative.

Likewise, the photo of yourself lounging on a chaise with a small stuffed squirrel cuddled up by your side was unique, though off-putting. I think the most arresting thing about that photo is the expression on the squirrel’s face — as though you captured just that moment of “oh shit, this guy is going to kill me and stuff me,” which probably occurred very close to the end of the creature’s life.

One other favorite was the recreation of Norman Bates’s motel office in the film Psycho. You really did a great job creeping me out with those stuffed birds, just like Norman did.

So congratulations on your creativity and energy in really showing your potential mates who you are. I totally think I “get” you now. Best wishes to you as you pursue your hobby and as you look for the love of your life. Sorry for the brevity of this response, but I just realized I am overdue for a peroxide eye-washing.


Chick On a Date


4 responses to “Taxidermy and You

  1. singlewhitefemale says:

    Love it! You’re hilarious! My blog is about online too and I love to hear about other people’s experiences!

  2. Lane says:

    Not all guys are out there to make ladies suffer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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