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You Wanna Do What?!

on January 26, 2012

A tall, handsome man asks you out. You blush prettily and say yes. The day of the big date, you spend all day beautifying yourself. You get your nails done (mani AND pedi), try on 824 outfits, and obsess over your shitty hair. You always hated your hair, and today you really and truly hate it with the burning hot passion of a thousand fiery suns.

Finally, though, you look at yourself in the mirror and you think, “Well, that’s as good as this is gonna get” and head out the door.

He’s a handsome man, like I said. He looks like he may have some nice musculature going on under his polo shirt. His blue eyes are twinkly in the best kind of twinkly way. He suggested meeting at a local watering hole and then, well, maybe a “surprise.”

Ooh, a surprise. Dinner at a fancy restaurant? A moonlight stroll around the lake while the stars sparkle above you like a million diamonds? Perhaps a night at the theater? You’re all smiles when you meet him at an intimate table for two. The conversation flows steadily. He’s witty, smart, and damn sexy. He stares into your eyes. You think he might be into you.

Two drinks down, and you tell yourself you need to slow down before you get silly. But hey, this is going well. You’re patting yourself on the back. Your legs must look damn fine in this skirt.

He leans in close. “This is going great,” he says. “Yeah,” you murmur back, giddy. “So you wanna get out of here?” he asks. You nod, your not-so-crappy hair bouncing in a flirtatious manner. “All right, let’s go.”

You get into his sleek, black car. What other kind of car would this man have? You smile at him as he zooms through the city streets. You anticipate some hand-holding at The Lion King or a romantic slow dance at a quaint little club.

And then, you see it.

“You said you wanted to learn how to do this,” he grins over at you. And you nod, because, goddammit to effing hell, you did say that. And you totter daintily, in your four-inch, sexy heels, into the St. Paul Curling Club.


One response to “You Wanna Do What?!

  1. +69Veedub says:

    That venue Would Curl My Hair, even if I Did hate my hair w/the passion of some thousand fiery suns, lol

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